Excelsior Scholarship 2022

Opening Date: January 11, 2022 Deadline: July 31, 2022
Course Starts: 2022 Category: Fully Funded
Course Level: PhD, Masters  Location: United States (US)

Excelsior Scholarship 2022-2023 US | Fully Funded

Excelsior Scholarship 2022-2023 applications are now being accepted online from all qualified students. In conjunction with other financial aid programmes for students. The Excelsior Scholarship entitles students to tuition-free attendance at a SUNY or CUNY institution. An Excelsior Scholarship recipient may receive award payments for up to two years of full-time undergraduate study in a programme leading to an associate’s degree. Or four years of full-time undergraduate study, or five years if the programme of study normally requires five years, in a bachelor’s degree programme.

Furthermore, a student who is not on track to complete an Associate’s degree in two years or a Bachelor’s degree in four years. It is necessary to complete the equivalent of 30 credits per academic year in order to be eligible for an Excelsior Scholarship. If you successfully gain extra credits during a term or academic year and are able to get back on track to complete your degree on time. In addition, for the duration of your undergraduate degree programme, you will be eligible for an Excelsior Scholarship. You may also check: SCHWARZMAN SCHOLARSHIP 2022

Coverage of Excelsior Scholarship 2022

An Excelsior Scholarship winner may also receive up to $5,500. So, the award amount calculates using the 2016-21 resident tuition rate charge by SUNY ($6,470) or CUNY ($6,330). This amount will deduct from the total amount of other student financial aid awards. An applicant has or will receive a NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) award and/or a federal Pell grant for the academic year.

As a result, the Excelsior Scholarship will cover any remaining tuition liabilities up to $5,500. Any remaining tuition costs not cover by the Excelsior Scholarship will reimburse through a tuition credit.

Eligibility Criteria

A potential candidate must:

  • be a New York State resident who has resided in the state for the previous 12 months prior to the start of the term
  • be a United States citizen or a qualified non-citizen
  • have either graduated from high school in the United States, obtained a high school equivalency diploma, or passed a federally recognised “Ability to Benefit” exam, as specified by the Commissioner of the State Education Department.
  • have a total federal adjusted gross income of less than $125,000
  • enrolled in an undergraduate programme at a SUNY or CUNY college, including community colleges and the statutory colleges of Cornell University and Alfred University
  • Enroll in at least 12 credits each term and complete at least 30 credits per year (successfully). Relevant to his or her.
  • Enroll in at least 12 credits each term and complete at least 30 credits per year (successfully). Applicable to his or her degree programme through continuous study, with no enrollment breaks except for specific verified reasons.
  • If he or she has previously attended college prior to the 2019-20 academic year. Before applying for an Excelsior Scholarship, he or she must have earned at least 30 credits per year (consecutively) related to his or her degree programme.
  • be in good standing on any NYS or federal education loan programme student loan, or on the repayment of any NYS award
  • be in accordance with the terms of the service condition(s) imposed by any previous NYS award.
  • In addition, sign a contract promising to live in New York State for the duration of the award. If employed, to work in New York State for the duration of that period.


How to apply?

So, if you are enrolled in a chance programme. This scholarship programme provides you with five years to complete your degree on time (which requires completion of the equivalent of 24 credits each academic year). Students who are new to NYS financial aid under the terms of the DREAM Act should apply first. Applicants must first apply for eligibility under the New York State DREAM Act. Furthermore, if you have already qualified under the New York State DREAM Act. You will only need to submit a new application to be considered for the Excelsior Scholarship.

Click here to apply online: APPLY ONLINE


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