Rotary Peace Fellowship 2024

Deadline: May 15, 2024Duration: 2 years
Course Area: All SubjectsCategory: Fully Funded
Course Level: Masters, Professional Certificate Location: USA, Japan, UK,
Australia, Sweden

Rotary Peace Fellowship 2024-2025 | Fully Funded Fellowship

Applications for the Rotary Peace Fellowship 2024–2025 are now being accepted. Rotary grants up to 130 fully supported fellowships per year to committed global leaders so they can pursue their studies at one of our peace centers. A master’s degree program and a professional development certificate program included in the fellowship. A master’s degree program from Australia, England, the USA, Japan, Sweden, and a certificate program from Thailand and Uganda are available to international candidates from all around the world.

There are 80 fellowships available for the certificate program and 50 fellowships for the master’s degree program. The fellowships pay for housing and board, round-trip airfare, internship and field-study costs, as well as tuition and fees. The list of master’s degree programs that are eligible, the name of the institute, the requirements for eligibility, and the application process are all provided below for certificate programs. Early-career applicants that would dedicate to promoting peace and resolving conflicts, possess the ability to engage in substantial reading and research, and actively participate in a diverse student body sought for by Rotary Peace Fellowship 2024.

Furthermore, Selected applicants have demonstrated success in peacebuilding in the past and have the potential to become field leaders with greater influence and growth in the future as a consequence of their fellowship participation. Also, after the program, candidates ought to be open to sharing their own work and experiences, keeping in touch with fellow peace fellows in their area, and fostering close relationships with Rotary members. You may also check: Bonn SDG Fellowships 2024.

Why Rotary Peace Fellowship 2024?

Furthermore, the Rotary Peace Fellowship is presently taking applications for the Rotary Peace Scholarships 2024–2025, which awarded annually to 130 recipients. Additionally, overseas students can apply for the Rotary Peace Scholarship, which provides full funding for a full-time master’s degree program or a certificate program at one of the best colleges in the world. Thus, this is one of the most esteemed scholarship prospects out there. Additionally, the scholarship will pay for all costs; Rotary Peace has granted fellowships totaling more than 1,400.

Additionally, there are a total of 80 scholarships available for certificate programs and 50 scholarships available for master’s degree programs. Similarly, the duration of the Master Scholarship is 15–24 months, while the Short Certificate programs run 3 months. Further, Rotary Peace Fellowships accept applications from students worldwide, and the universities that Rotary Peace Fellowships partners with to finish your studies are in the USA, Japan, UK, Australia, Sweden, Thailand, and Uganda. Therefore, there is no application cost to apply for this award, and all of the information about the Rotary Peace Scholarships 2024–2025 is given below.

Eligibility Criteria

1. For Master Degree Program

  • Possess English language proficiency.
  • Hold an undergraduate degree.
  • Possess a strong dedication to peace and intercultural understanding, as demonstrated by your academic and professional achievements as well as your voluntary work in the community.
  • Capacity to lead.
  • possess a minimum of three years of full-time experience in development or peacekeeping.
  • You are not eligible if you work for Rotary International, a Rotary club, or any other Rotary organization.

2. For Rotary Peace Certificate Program

  • Experience Required for Work.
  • You have to speak English well.
  • You need to be a bachelor’s degree holder.
  • Possess a strong dedication to peace and intercultural understanding, as demonstrated by your academic and professional achievements as well as your voluntary work in the community.
  • Show that you can take the lead.
  • Know how their approach to promote peace fits up with Rotary’s goal.
  • Applicants to Makerere University must reside in the area or work there.

Financial Coverage of Rotary Peace Fellowship 2024

Furthermore, overseas students can apply for Rotary Peace Fellowships, which are fully funded scholarships that will pay for all of their costs.

  • Included are fees and tuition.
  • Accommodations/Room and Board.
  • There is plane travel accessible round-trip.
  • All study abroad and internship expenses.

List of Required Documents

  • Resumés must be included with applications.
  • Recommendations for Academic or Professional Purposes.
  • Recent transcripts.
  • Essays.
  • Test results (Master’s only) and a certificate of social impact plan alone.
  • Every piece of writing needs to be in English.


Hence, May 15, 2024 is the deadline for applying for the Rotary Peace Scholarships 2024–2025, applications submitted later that date will not be considered.

How to apply for Rotary Peace Fellowship?

Thus, the full application procedure takes place online. In order to apply, fill out the online form and upload the required files.

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