2.0. Research Objectives:

The goal of research is to find answers to questions through the use of scientific processes. The major goal of research is to uncover the truth that buried and has yet uncovered. All though each research project has its own distinctive goal, also, we can categorise research objectives into the following major categories:

research methodology pdf,

  1. Get familiarity with a phenomena or to obtain fresh insights into it (exploratory or formative research investigations are those with this goal in mind);
  2. Correctly reflect the features of a specific individual, circumstance, or group (descriptive research studies are those that have this goal in mind);
  3. To determine the frequency with which something occurs or is related with something else (diagnostic research studies are those that focus on this object);
  4. To see if a causal relationship between variables proven (such studies are known as hypothesis-testing research studies).

So, What motivates people to do research? This is an issue of critical importance. Therefore One or more of the following reasons could motivate you to conduct research:

  1. A desire to obtain a research degree and the privileges that come with it;
  2. Desire to take on a challenge in solving unresolved difficulties, i.e., concern about practical problems motivates study; 3. Desire to experience the intellectual pleasure of creating something innovative; Also,
  3. A desire to contribute to society;
  4. A desire respected.

Exactly, This is not, however, an entire list of characteristics that motivate people to participate in research investigations. Many other motivations, such as government directives, employment conditions, curiosity about new things, a desire to comprehend causal linkages, societal thinking and awakening, and so on, may also inspire (or push) people to conduct research. The procedures or strategies used to find, select, process, and analyse information about a topic are referred to as research methodology. 


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